µsurf solar

One solution for the inspection of all solar surfaces

µsurf solar is a high precision optical measurement solution for the board range of solar applications in laboratory and production. The optimum flexibility allows all measurement tasks to be performed with nanometer accuracy using the confocal technology. This extensive evolution delivers highest stability of data - with highest dynamic and intuitive handling.

As a business solution, the µsurf solar is adapted to the requirements of solar industry from hard- to software. For instance the positioning tables are available up to the metre range which is required to measure whole solar modules. A vacuum chuck with a bearing area of 210x210mm guarantees the safe fixture of the solar cell while moving the stages without damaging it.

Industry-specific software with intelligent algorithms

Specific algorithms and modules for the analysis, variable exposure times as well as measurement modes for different solar surfaces make μsurf solar a multi-purpose solution. NanoFocus has developed specialized software which is ideally adapted to the reflection characteristics of solar cells. With tools for the quantification of pyramids or detection of defects, the user profits from a significantly easier interpretation of challenging surfaces.

Area measurements in combination with new algorithms deliver absolutely stable and repeatable 3D data. Through the combination of height and reflection data, edges can be precisely determined so that fingers can be measured in height and width with nanometer precision. For more efficiency during the measurement process, the measurement system can be equipped with a straightforward and
industry-sector-specific automation.

Integrated DIC-microscope

μsurf solar is available with integrated DIC-technology (differential interference contrast microscopy). The DIC makes possible, for example, angle-dependent representations of pyramids or fast detection of dirt and imperfections on wafers. As opposed to the hardware version, the implemented software DIC developed by NanoFocus offers many advantages. It is easier to use and can display different angle directions simultaneously, independent of the height range.

Combining with NanoFocus’ confocal technique, the DIC microscope shows the advantages of this primary technology: the measurement images have an infinite depth of focus. Additionally, the optics can be used with higher aperture and can simulate an arbitrary light source. Using the confocal technology, optimal measurement results are independent of colors and reflectivity of a sample.

Examples of application

μsurf solar enables non-destructive analyses without preparation of the samples. This is what makes µsurf solar suitable not only for use in the laboratory but even more right in the production environment. For the 3D inspection system, it doesn’t matter if the surfaces possess etched structures or an anti-reflective coating. Also for samples with awkward characteristics such as steep slopes, complex geometries and structures in the nanometre range, μsurf solar delivers exact and repeatable 3D measurement data within a few seconds.

Pyramid structures

µsurf solar automatically determines the distribution, angles, height, number and homogeinity of pyramids. Read more about the application

Isolation channels

µsurf solar analyzes the exact position of the channels and delivers 3D data about the material ablation and undesired melting. Read more about the application 



µsurf solar determines the diameter of scribes as well as the evenness and roughness of the cut surface. Read more about the application


µsurf solar examines height, width and regularity of the printed conductor paths. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Up to 12 area measurements in 1 minute
  • Nanometre accuracy
  • Simple and intuitive automation
  • Exact measurement of isolation channels
  • Special analyses of structured surfaces
  • Finger measurement with and without lights traps

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