µsurf cylinder

Linewalking system for automated inspection of cylinder bores

Among customized software solutions and additional supply, NanoFocus offers the Linewalking System. By the use of this track system, the measurement of engine cylinder walls with the µsurf cylinder can be automated for highest cost and time efficiency.

The Linewalking System, developed by NanoFocus especially for the cylinder bore inspection, is easy and quick to attach to the engine block. The µsurf cylinder just hast to be inserted and the measurement head approaches the different cylinder bores and measures the required areas automatically. No changeover or manual override is needed during the cylinder bore inspection.

Non-contact 3D measurements of engine cylinder walls

µsurf cylinder is the well-estbalished business solution for the inspection of engine cylinder wall surfaces. A large number of renowned automotive manufacturers successfully apply the non-contact measurement technology in the development and for quality control in the production of engines. Thanks to its robust technology µsurf cylinder can be used not only in the testing laboratory but also directly in production.

Handling the system could not be easier: The μsurf cylinder includes an angled optical insertion system matched to the geometry of the cylinder, thus allowing measurement in cylinder bores from 70 mm diameter up to an insertion depth of 165 mm. The system is fully motorized and can be joystick driven to any measurement point (radial, axial) within the cylinder bore. The included software makes performing serial measurements fast and easy by using stored measurement recipes from a database.

Inspection of engine cylinder walls in the laboratory or in production

With the µsurf cylinder, it only takes a few seconds to measure engine cylinder walls as real 3D data. Roughness is evaluated according to DIN EN ISO, whereby more than 30 characteristic values are available. Those 3D structural features which are tribologically relevant are computed and clearly presented. The µsoft analysis software allows for comprehensive evaluations, analyses and reporting.

The precision of the µsurf cylinder measurement system is in the nanometer range. Traceability to national standards is guaranteed. For instance, investigations carried out at the NIST (USA) yielded a 99% correlation with tactile roughness measurements. In contrast to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) the µsurf cylinder also provides absolute measurement values of structural depth. No sample preparation of any kind is needed. µsurf cylinder’s contactless measurement capabilities are equally suited to production situations, as well as for continuous use in QA and testing environments.

Examples of application

µsurf cylinder’s contactless measurement capabilities are equally suited to production situations, as well as for continuous use in quality assurance and testing environments. The non-destructive method also allows to inspect the same engine block before and after a testing phase.

Honing structure of cylinder running surfaces

Honing structures, exposure depths, standard roughness values and the surface roughness can be analyzed with the help of µsurf cylinder. Read more about the application

AluSil surfaces

With the µsurf cylinder, measurements on almost any material can be performed at different points in the production and testing process. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Non-destructive measurements
  • User-friendly handling
  • Nanometer precision
  • Robust technology

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