µsprint hp-opc 3000

A probe card metrology process

To control test is much about to control the mechanical contact between a probe tip and the Device Under Test (DUT). Determining mechanical condition is essential as a good mechanical contact is the pre-condition for an electrical contact satisfying test requirements.

Determining geometric parameters

The μsprint probe card inspection tool is designed to enable fast probe card inspection processes in order to determine geometric parameters of probe cards such as diameters, shape, co-planarity and position of probe tips as well as orientation, tilt and warp of probe heads of different materials. The process furthermore is capable of providing information about the clearance condition or the condition of the overdrive area, respectively, for early identification of such conditions which may damage or destroy wafers during the probing process.

The tool is able to acquire the geometric parameters of MEMS, Vertical, Cantilever, POGO and similar probe card tips at highest precision and accuracy at a remarkable speed. Data acquisition is very robust and suitable for the large variety of materials used in the design of probe cards.

Fast feedback loops to reduce operational cost

The impressive tool throughput allows a continious all-over acquisition of probe cards at wafer test sites to judge the general usability or defectiveness of a probe card before or after each single operation. It also permanently provides detailed wear and tear information about a probe card to the point of its End Of Life (EOL).

The μsprint probe card inspection tool is designed according to Front End of Line (FEoL) requirements providing a SEMI compliant user interface as well as the SECS/GEM standard host communication protocol. The tool platform is based on Win7 and is ready for Win8 and Win10 on demand.

Examples of application

Probe Tip Geometry

Major and minor diameter, height and co-planarity as well as area, orientation and lateral position of the probe tip can be measured. Read more about the application

Probe Head Characteristics

The inspection of the entire probe head even over very large areas is an additional tool capability provided by the μsprint probe card inspection system. Read more about the application

Clearance Obstructions

The tool enables the identification of probe card defects and obstructions which may damage or destroy devices or even complete wafers. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Fast feedback loop between scrub analysis and probe card condition
  • Reduced repair time by fast re-assessment of probe tip conditions
  • Constant surveilance of wear & tear, precise forcasting of EOL
  • Operational and maintenance related costs minizied
  • SEMI compliant tool, SECS/GEM standard Interface
  • Simple set up of automated operations

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