µsprint hp-hsi 2000

An automated 3D metrology tool for semiconductor industry

In the manufacturing of interconnect and other semiconductor structures, as well as with accompanying testing equipment, the constant trend towards miniaturization necessitates new measurement technologies in quality assurance and production control. Confocal measurement techniques are well known for offering various unique characteristics, such as high resolution, accuracy, reliability and robustness.

Especially in quality assurance and process monitoring, the μsprint technology provides an optimal combination of resolution and speed. The high resolution allows the detection of structure heights down to a few micrometers with highest reproducibility.

Fully automated operation

The complete set-up consists of a fully automated handling module and an enclosed inspection module. Load ports can be filled successively for non-stop inspection of wafers, panels and other kinds of substrates. Measurement result data is transferred to the process hosts, either by SECS-GEM or customer-specific intercommunication systems.


The μsprint technology is applicable for almost any surface type. The great dynamics of the sensor ensure a reliable separation of structures, substrate geometries and defects, benefiting from the detection of even smallest differences in reflection characteristics. At the same time the outstanding robustness of the confocal technology allows highest measurement precision on rough as well as on smooth surfaces.

Bump Inspection

µsprint sensor's high resolution and dynamics allow the exact determination of height and diameter, co-planarity and other parameters. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Ideal combination of high resolution and high speed
  • 3D detection of defects and measurement of structures
  • Highest sensor dynamics: applicable on various types of substrates
  • SEMI conform / SECS-GEM standard Interface
  • Fully automated inspection of wafers and panels

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Video µsprint hp-hsi 2000

Fully automated wafer inspection. Click here to watch the video.

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