µsprint topographer

Highspeed 3D data acquisition with highest precision

With unprecedented scan speed, the μsprint topographer acquires profile data from any surface with high accuracy and high throughput rates.

The μsprint topographer measures topographies in the μm-range. It is the ideal tool for quality assurance and process control requiring large area scanning accompanied with precise and reliable measurement results.

High precision data acquisition

The μsprint topographer is a standalone desktop 3D measurement system. The stage is the base for the x,y table and the 3D sensor, which provides the stability essential for high precision data acquisition.

The μsprint software provides a multitude of possibilities for scanning and data analysis.

Examples of application

The sensor principle has proven its unique capabilities on highly reflective as well as on extremely light absorbing and rough surfaces.

µsprint topographer is applied worldwide in quality assurance where high throughput rates are essential, such as in the automotive industry, medical technology, micro electronics or the semi-conductor industry. The μsprint technology is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from the inspection of wafer bumps and high precision components to laser weld seam and spot weld inspection.

Bump Inspection

µsprint sensor's high resolution and dynamics allow the exact determination of height and diameter, co-planarity and other parameters. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • High-speed area scanning
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Wide measurement range
  • Independent of surface properties
  • Extremly high sensor dynamics
  • Simple set up of automated operations
  • Large numerical aperture
  • High aspect ratio for depth measurement

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