µscan sensor

Point sensors to integrate in production machines

The precise point sensors are prepared for integration in your production machine. The offered sensors cover a wide range of measurement applications.

Confocal sensor - CF

The robust confocal point sensor is an all-round talent for capturing height profiles, topographies, geometries and DIN EN ISO roughness. The measurement attains a vertical precision of 20 nm with a light spot diameter of 1.7 µm. The point sensor fulfils a multitude of measuring tasks, irrespective of whether the surface is ultra-smooth or rough. The wide dynamic range means the measurement remains error-free even if the reflection properties vary considerably. The profile can be reproduced reliably even at low reflection. High flank angles up to 70° are measured without problems.

Chromatic sensor - CLA

Using modern LED technology, the chromatic sensor solves a wealth of measuring tasks with its wide dynamic range. Its compact construction allows precise measurement in inaccessible places. The CLA sensor especially demonstrates its strengths when acquiring rough surfaces and measuring geometry and layer thickness. The modular measuring probes facilitate a range of resolutions by simply exchanging the magnification lens. Measurement speeds up to 30 kHz are available for use in quality control.

Holographic sensor - CP

The holographic point sensor is designed for contactless measurement of wide vertical ranges in the measurement of component geometry. It also precisely and reliably captures highly structured surfaces, irrespective of the degree of reflection. Sloping surfaces or steep edges, such as those in gear wheels, can be captured and evaluated without artifacts. Another advantage is the sensor’s high working distance.

Examples of application

The sensors of the µscan technology are suitable for application in various sectors of industry and research.

Fresnel lens

The µscan-technology measures reliably with high resolution even in the case of weak reflection. Read more about the application

Conductor paths and circuit boards

Capture substrate warp and the geometry of conductor paths in one single measurement with µscan sensors. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Precise 3D measurements
  • Non-contact, non-destructive
  • Different types of sensors adapted the measurement task
  • Determination of roughness, layer thickness and geometry
  • Fast measurement speed

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