μscan CLM-FC (Fuel Cells)

Non-destructive surface analysis in production environment for fuel cells

By means of rapid, full-surface 3D-scans the surface quality of tools and bipolar plates (graphite or metal) can be checked with high-precision in production environment.

The new generation of µscan CLM-FC series measuring instruments is also used to detect the smallest cracks and faults in sealing materials and coatings, and to check the gas diffusion layer (GDL) for porosity and defects.

High-detail precision with maximum measuring area

The innovative process of the confocal multi-channel sensor technology enables a dynamic scan length. The advantage in comparison with traditional measuring processes (e.g. laser scanning microscopy): Far larger measuring areas. The travel range of the scanning axis dynamically determines the measured profile length. Combined with flexibly configurable axis systems with up to 0.5 m setting range, thanks to this process, the measuring of larger bipolar plates and heavy tools is also possible..

Examples of application

Efficient implementation of measurements

The intuitive measurement and control software µsoft metrology FC guarantees the efficient implementation of measurements. With the μsoft metrology, all sensors and an overview camera can be controlled from the operator interface. With the switchover between the sensors and the overview camera, the measuring head moves automatically to a defined measuring position. Expressive 3D illustrations of the results of measurement with intensity overlay are available after a few seconds.
Produkte: µsoft metrology FC


The µsoft surface analysis software offers a comprehensive functional package for the representation and analysis of structure, roughness, ripple, step heights, contours and other surface features.

In the intuitive multilingual User Interface, complex analysis reports can be generated by the push of a button. Diverse representation capabilities, such as 2D profile view, 3D reconstruction or photorealistic image rendering generate detailed and expressive measuring reports. Individual evaluation recipes are simple to adjust and implement.

The software includes filter functions and always the latest standard parameters according to ISO 25178, ISO 4287, ISO 13565 or EN 15178. If required, NanoFocus also generates individual plug-ins for the further processing of the measuring data.

Produkte: µsoft analysis FC

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Benefits at a glance

  • Automated shape and location analysis through comparison with CAD data
  • Result presentation within a few seconds
  • Reliable measurement of the weakly-reflective, dark graphite surfaces
  • Measurement without destruction of the component part
  • Control-check of the bending radii in the channel zones
  • Identification of tool wear and faults
  • Determination of the position precision of the channels and connection points
  • Various different hold-down clamps for encoded bipolar plates (mechanical or vacuum)

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