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Money printing

Safety engineering

Identifying evidences of crime and examining safety features

The tools used by criminals leave a number of traces whose criminological applicability is comparable with a fingerprint. Often traces of this nature allow a tool used in a crime to be matched precisely. The size of traces goes down into the nanometre range.

Examples of application

With the use of NanoFocus 3D technology, it is possible to determine fine microstructures with precise measurement data; and to store it in databases. Renowned police authorities, such as the FBI and its German counterpart the BKA, therefore use µsurf systems successfully for comparative examinations of objects used in crimes. NanoFocus technology is also used across the world for authentication of objects of art.

Forced entry tools

Comparison of traces of impressions left by a tool of entry. By comparing traces created in the laboratory with the original traces (correlation technique), the tool of crime can be assigned to a particular crime.

Products: µsurf customµsurf sensor, µscan select, µsoft analysis


The signature of a fired projectile consists of a multitude of ultra-fine impressions. These are formed on the projectile in the barrel of the weapon when it is fired. A comparison between the projectile fired in the laboratory and the projectile found can clarify whether a projectile originates from a particular weapon.

Products: µsurf sensor

Security features on bank notes

Products: µsurf sensor

Benefits at a glance

  • Traceable and meaningful measurement results
  • No sample preparation
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • High resolution
  • Mobile measurement solution

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