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Paper and print industry

3D measurement of printing rolls, gravure rolls, dryer fabrics and paper surfaces

Innovations in the paper and printing industry increase quality and raise production efficiency through to the final product. It is becoming ever more important in the various production stages to capture surface topography and roughness and to control the manufacturing process accordingly.

NanoFocus offers high-precision optical metrology solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks. They can be applied for quality assurance and production control as well as in the development of printing rolls.

Examples of application

For example, the µsurf mobile 3D microscope acquires structures on rolls down to nanometer precision directly in the production process. The µscan technology offers maximum flexibility for contactless measurement of large areas, such as dry screens or felt pads. All measurement processes through to the analysis protocol can be automated.

Gravure printing rolls

In the rotogravure technique, structures are applied to the printing roller by laser, electromechanical engraving or etching. The machining process has to be monitored and optimized for each of these techniques. For this purpose, the topography of the roller structures is determined directly on the roller using µsurf mobile. The evaluation of extrusion volumes and the geometry of structures proceed automatically, as does the calculation of roughness.

Products: µsurf mobileµsoft analysis, µsoft printmaster

Transport rolls

The paper is transported through the production machine by rubber rolls. These rolls require specific surface properties to ensure even transport without damaging the paper or print. Using µsurf mobile, the roughness and topography can be captured at high speed even on black rolls. Wear can be detected and characteristic values recorded with the µsoft analysis program.

Products: µsurf mobileµsoft analysis, µsoft printmaster

Paper machine clothing

Screen absorption rolls regulate properties in the manufacturing process - such as formation and filler distribution, in the manufacturing process. Transportation with the continuous screen fabric must be characterized precisely, e.g. by means of the bearing ratio between screen and paper. The µscan custom captures the dry screen without any problems. Geometric measurements are possible immediatly in the µsoft control software interface. Typical parameters, e.g. the load ratio, can be calculated on the basis of the measurement data.

Products: µscan select, specialized software, µsoft analysis, µsoft control

Flexoprinting rolls

In the flexoprinting technique, ink is applied on the flexosleeve by screen rolls. To ensure a uniform uptake and application of ink, the roller structure must comply with certain geometric specifications. The required quality parameters can be captured and calculated with µsurf mobile.

Products: µsurf mobile, µsurf custom, µsoft analysis

Benefits at a glance

  • Measurement system for laboratory or mobile usage
  • Intuitive handling
  • Automatic measurement and evaluation of cells
  • Length, width, depth
  • Surface area, screen, volume
  • Metal, ceramic, and rubber surfaces
  • Chemically etched, electronically engraved, direct laser engraved
  • Automatic report

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