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Microsystems technology

Measuring complex surface geometries of smallest components with nanometer precision

The trend towards miniaturization presents a constant challenge. Production and quality control of smallest components poses challenges to the measurement technology applied.

In the production of miniaturized electromechanical and optical components, the rate of defective work in production depends on the dimensional conformity of the complex surface geometries. As the products in microsystem technology are usually designed in three dimensions, two-dimensional optical inspection with a vision system is inadequate. The high aspect ratios are hard to capture with conventional optical techniques, as well as with tactile instruments. That is why NanoFocus measurement systems are applied here.

Examples of application

With µsurf, µscan and µsprint, the geometry of microcomponents can be measured and automatically evaluated in a contactless and non-destructive way at various stages of the manufacturing process. In the production of mechanical, optical or chemical components, NanoFocus measurement systems help manufacturers in reducing costs and in producing error-free products.

Pressure sensors

In the production of high-pressure sensors by etching, various geometrical parameters, such as depth, width and layer thickness, as well as roughness are checked to configure the manufacturing process. µsurf captures the surface roughness, the microgeometry of the struts, as well as the coatings on the metal surfaces – all with just one measurement.

Products: µsurf custom, µscan custom, µsoft analysis

Fresnel lenses

When inspecting sub-micrometer structures in glass, the measuring instrument has to measure reliably and, at the same time, with high resolution - even in the case of weak reflection. To achieve this, the µsurf can be adapted to the reflection properties of the material.

Products: µsurf custom, µscan custom, µsoft analysis


In microfluidics, an areal evaluation of the surface is usually required. The 3D profilometer µscan custom is often the chosen solution. In spite of the steep edges and very even surfaces it reliably determines cross-section areas, height, width, and volume of valves and channels. The software enables the analysis of all paramters with just a few clicks.

Products: µscan custom, µsprint topographer, µsoft analysis


Microlenses can be measured three-dimensionally and non-destructively at various stages of the production process using µsurf technology. To inspect the quality of molding processes, the master and replica are compared and deviations presented quantitatively. The lens geometry is automatically captured in the inspection of the manufactured lens arrays. The stitching and autofocus function allows complete lens arrays to be acquired. 
Read more about the measurement of micro lenses and micro lens arrays.

Products: µsurf custom, µsprint custom, µsoft analysis

Hardness indents

Hardness testing procedures are used to investigate the surface hardness and coating characteristics of materials. These so-called nanoimprints can only be recorded and quantified with the use of high-precision measurement technology. With the NanoFocus µsurf technology, the required degree of resolution can be attained. The analysis software µsoft control and µsoft analysis provide all the features needed.

Products: µsurf customµsoft analysis

Nanoliter dispenser dots

When mounting chips in gigahertz modules, minimum quantities of adhesive dots are required to fix to the substrate. The precise adherence to the adhesive volume is of critical importance. The contactless µscan profilometer captures the applied adhesive dots with high precision. The associated software calculates the volume from the 3D data.

Products: µscan custom, µsurf custom,  µsoft automation 

Star couplers

Star couplers are used as network components for glass fiber networks in communications technology. The investigation of 3D topography with µsurf allows the determination of deviations from the target geometry. NanoFocus µsurf particularly excels through its precise reproduction of steep edges.

Products: µsurf custom, µscan custom, µsoft analysis

Benefits at a glance

  • High resolution and repeatability
  • Qualifiable and quantifiable measurement results
  • No sample preparation
  • Measurement of layer thickness of transparent coatings
  • Non-destructive measurements

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