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Mechanical engineering

Quantify and qualify roughness, geometry and wear volume

NanoFocus’ contactless measurement technology is used for analyzing wear or material characteristics. The key parameters of the surface analysis are topography and the quantitative analysis of roughness, geometry and wear volume. The results lead to the development of innovative tools and surfaces. Thanks to standard interfaces, sensors in the µsurf and µscan product ranges are ready prepared for integrating assembly machines. NanoFocus’ contactless and precise 3D measurement technology is used by leading manufacturing companies and institutions.

Examples of application

NanoFocus 3D measurement systems enable quality assurance close to production. The systmes work fast and reliable on almost any material, and even on samples with awkward characteristics, such as steep slopes. Exact and repeatable 3D measurement data is provided within a few seconds.

Injection systems

During production of piezo-common rail (PCR) injection systems, quality assurance is performed with the ultra-fast µsprint technology. Welded metal membranes are examined for evenness, surface defects and welding spatter – fully automated and with cycle times of six seconds. Samples are handled with the help of a SPS-controlled robot. The software µsoft automation enables measurement processes on the basis of recipes. The measurement results are stored in an SQL-data base.

Products: µsprint hp-hsi, µsprint sensor, µsoft analysis


Camshafts have typical grinding structures. The roughness according to DIN EN ISO is determined on the basis of a profile section for quality assurance. Evidence of wear and the directional dependence of roughness can also be determined by a 3D measurement.

Products:  µsurf custom, µsoft analysis

Cutting inserts

Local wear (e.g. crater wear) leads to an instable cutting-edge and makes tools unusable. With the µsurf technology, steep edges and rough surfaces can be measured quickly and precisely. The crater volume and the absolute depth of cratering can be determined on base of the measurement data.

Products: µsurf custom, µsoft analysis

Engine cylinder walls

The surface topography of cylinder bore surfaces is captured by the µsurf cylinder down to the nanometer range. Honing structures, exposure depths, standard roughness values and the surface roughness can be analyzed with the help of measurement data. This yields qualitative and quantitative information on the wear and defects on the cylinder wall.
Read more about measurements of engine cylinder walls.

Products: µsurf cylinder, µsoft analysis

Benefits at a glance

  • Traceable measurement results
  • No sample preparation
  • Non-destructive and independent of materials
  • Measurements conform to DIN
  • High correlation to tactile systems

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