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Electronics and semi-conductor industry

Inspection in the sub-micrometer dimensions for error-free products

The cost-effective and fast NanoFocus 3D surface measurement systems cover the entire spectrum of measurement tasks in modern electronic production and fault analysis. New products and production processes can be developed faster and easier with the help of the high-resolution measurement systems. NanoFocus-technology thereby contributes to the development of more compact electronics components.

NanoFocus sets new standards

Surface parameters, such as coplanarity of contact pads or bumps, warpage of cases and substrates, the depth of laser markings, as well as the volume of dispensed glue dots can be measured fast and automated during production processes and continiuously controlled.  

Conventional optical measurement methods use image processing or triangulation to capture dimensional measurement values. Those methods run up against their limits with highly precise manufacturing processes, where tolerances are located in the micrometer range. The demand for a system accurcy in the range of 100 nm or below for certain applications can be easily fulfilled by NanoFocus optical surface metrology though.

Examples of application

In today’s electronic production, the trend towards miniaturization presents a constant challenge. The aim is to cut costs and to deliver error-free products. Here, it is important that the geometric tolerances for the individual components are observed – such as coplanarity, separation and warpage, as well as roughness parameters and volumes.  The cost-effective and fast NanoFocus measurement systems cover the entire spectrum of measurement tasks in modern electronic production and fault analysis.

Micro bumps

The NanoFocus µsprint technology, the world's fastest confocal sensor, is particularly suited to measure micro bumps with very small pitches. Due to the high resolution and dynamics of the sensor, height and diameter, co-planarity, and various other parameters can be measured within seconds on wafers as well as on ceramics or plastic panels. The inspection is possible after printing of the solder paste, after the reflow process, or after coining. Additionally, the inspection of electrolitically deposited bumps, so-called copper pillars, is possible.

Products: µsprint topographerµsprint hphsi, µscan custom, µsoft analysis, µsoft automation

Conductor paths and circuit boards

Depending on the base material, conductor tracks are applied by etching in the circuit board production. The substrate material and the conductor tracks have to be measured prior to continuing the mounting process. The µscan technology captures substrate warpage, as well as conductor tracks geometry – all in a single measurement process. The roughness on circuit boards and conductor tracks can also be inspected independent of the material in production-related quality assurance. The evaluation of results with the µsoft automation software is adapted by NanoFocus as required by the customer.

Products: µsurf custom, µscan select, µsprint topographer, µsprint custom, µsoft automation 

Lead frames

Lead frames used in IC packaging have to satisfy stringent requirements. All the individual contacts have to lie on a single plane, i.e. they have to be coplanar, and have a defined surface roughness. The component must also show no warpage. The surface and the base area of the lead frame are captured quickly and precisely using the NanoFocus µscan and µsprint technologies. Parameters such as coplanarity, separation of contacts, deflection of the base board and roughness are transferred to an analysis protocol.

Products: µscan custom, µsprint topographer, µsprint customµsoft automation 


In multilayer circuit boards, laser-drilled microvias serve as contact between the individual layers. Faults in the production or filling of microvias can lead to failure of the final product. Contactless inspection with a µsurf measurement system captures the via geometry (diameter, depth). µsurf technology also enables the capturing of small microvias without problems.

Products: µscan custom, µsoft analysis, µsoft automation

Nanoliter dispenser dots

When mounting chips in gigahertz modules, minimum quantities of adhesive dots are required to fix to the substrate. The precise adherence to the adhesive volume is of critical importance. The contactless µscan profilometer captures the applied adhesive dots with high precision. The associated software calculates the volume from the 3D data.

Products: µscan custom, µsurf custom,  µsoft automation 

Printed circuits on ceramic substrates

The assessment of printed circuits should be conducted as early as possible in the production process. Optical measurement systems allow the freshly-printed paste to be inspected even prior to the baking process. NanoFocus offers the optical profilometer µscan combined with special automation and evaluation software for this purpose. This calculates height and width. All data are written to a process control card.

Products: µscan custom, µsprint topographer, µsprint custom,  µsoft automation 

Benfits at a glance

  • High-precision measurements
  • Traceable measurement results in seconds
  • Applicable in production
  • No sample preparation
  • Measurement of layer thickness on transparent coating
  • Non-destructive and independent of material

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