3D confocal microscope usurf explorer

µsurf explorer

The all-round measurement solution for non-destructive testing

The confocal microscope µsurf explorer is a compact package for the 3D measurement and analysis of surfaces – a high-precision surface analysis system at an attractive price. The µsurf explorer is suitable for metrology and test laboratories as well as for use in production environments. The flexible and user-friendly 3D microscope is used successfully in numerous companies and industries.

Topography measurements with the confocal microscope µsurf explorer are fast and uncomplicated with just a few function steps to follow. Quantifiable and real 3D measurement data is available after only a few seconds, without previous sample preparation. Due to its high optical resolution, the confocal microscope even captures rough surfaces and structures with steep flank angles. 

Precise, flexible and robust

With the confocal microscope µsurf explorer, surfaces of any material can be transformed into precise measurement data, independent of their color or reflectivity. This flexibility combined with special algorithms, measurement modes and surface analysis programs open up a large bandwidth of measurement tasks.

µsurf explorer based on the robust µsurf technology, is a reliable and economic inspection tool. Environmental influences, such as vibrations, dust or splashed water do not affect the precision of the measurement results. Low maintenance and durable components of the confocal microscope guarantee an economic measurement system always ready for use.

Examples of application

The flexible confocal microscope is suitable both for use in the testing laboratory, as well as for the production environment. µsurf explorer can be used for reliable and repeatable ISO compliant roughness determination, analyses of 3D structures, layer thickness and geometry measurement in the micrometer and nanometer ranges. The confocal microscope is successfully deployed in the automotive indutry, medical technology, microelectronics, the paper and printing industry, steel industry and optics production.

Benefits at a glance

  • Robust and reliable
  • Flexible all-round measurement solution
  • High optical resolution
  • User-friendly concept
  • Real 3D measurement data
  • Measurements in seconds

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