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µsprint technology

Confocal 3D high-speed microscopy

With excellent precision the μsprint topographer acquires profile data from any surface with high accuracy. The new generation of sensors excels by reliable surface topographies in the micrometer range. It is the ideal tool for quality assurance and process control requiring high throughput with precise measurements.

Combining the principle of confocal microscopy with the patented μsprint principle, true 3D information is recorded and analyzed with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Confocal measurement techniques are well known for offering various unique characteristics such as high resolution, accuracy and reliability while being virtually free of optical artifacts even for different surface properties and shapes. In order to take the technology from the laboratory directly to the manufacturing environment, for production support applications, a method for operating a confocal measurement system at unique high speed was invented.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fastest confocal sensor worldwide
  • Patented technology
  • Ultrafast data acquisition and data processing
  • No sample preparation
  • Non-destructive
  • Real 3D data
  • Independent of material properties such as color, reflectivity or hardness

µsprint products

µsprint hp-opc
µsprint hp-hsi
µsprint topographer
µsprint sensor

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