Portable surface measurement system

MarSurf CM mobile

Operable everywhere with effortless ease

The optical 3D surface measurement system MarSurf CM mobile was developed especially for measuring large objects, such as rolls and vehicle bodywork. The portable confocal microscope weighs only 5.5 kg. The surface measurement system is ready for the on-site use within a few minutes. Large-scale measurements are also possible along the radius of curvature of a roll thanks to the integrated autofocus.

Portable 3D metrology for production environments

The optical surface measurement system is based on the robust NanoFocus technology, which allows the use of the portable system even in rough production environments. A typical measurement with the MarSurf CM mobile just takes 5-10 seconds. With these features, the portable surface measurement system is ideally suited for the deployment along the whole industrial process chain.

Configuration and equipment

MarSurf CM mobile is available in different configurations giving you the opportunity to choose the setup which best suits your requirements: The portable measurement system can be transported safely from one location to the next in a roller case, with a rollable workstation you can use it flexibly in the factory workshop. MarSurf CM mobile is now also available with an objective nosepiece – the ideal solution if you measure surfaces with varying properties.

A broad range of additional equipment makes it possible to use µsurf mobile for portable 3D surface measurements in different industrial sectors.

Examples of application

MarSurf CM mobile is the ideal solution for portable roughness measurements according to international standards. As well,  analyses of 3D structures and the measurement of micro-geometry are easy to conduct directly on-site. With µsurf mobile the quality of the texture on rolls in the printing or steel industry or the geometry of recessed cells can be exactly inspected and evaluated from the micrometer to the nanometer scale.

Texturing rolls

The MarSurf CM mobile allows a quick and reliable control of the surface topography of texturing rolls.

Benefits at a glance

  • Robust and reliable
  • Leight-weight: 5.5 kg
  • Mobile deployment
  • Motorized xyz-axes
  • Real 3D measurement data
  • High optical resolution
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MarSurf CM mobile is exclusively sold by NanoFocus partner Mahr GmbH.

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