µsprint sensor

100% control with the fastest confocal sensor

With more than 5 million 3D measurement points per second, the flexible and exceptionally fast µsprint sensors set new standards in the matter of speed. In combination with its high precision and large measurement field, µsprint is the inline-capable all-in-one solution for a broad bandwidth of measurement tasks.

As a stand-alone solution for laboratories , with housing for industrial production environments or to integrate in existing systems – µsprint technology is easy and flexible to integrate.

The new µsprint C3x: even faster and more precise

In comparison to the µsprint C3 sensor, the new C3x sensor reaches a ten times higher axial resolution (10 nm), as well as a lateral resolution of 0,5 µm to 2,5 µm. Due to the high aperture objective, exclusively produced for NanoFocus´ µsprint product line by Zeis AG,  even steep angles up to 53° can be measured. This offers big advantages related to measurement data stability, especially in the field of bump inspection.

With the 256 channel system, more than 5 Mio. 3D measurement points are processed. For users this means an increase of the so far output by up to 80%, compared to µsprint C3.



Examples of application

The sensor is particularly suited for 3D shape inspections, bump inspections on wafers and substrates, and laser weld inspections.

Bump Inspection

µsprint sensor's high resolution and dynamics allow the exact determination of height and diameter, co-planarity and other parameters. Read more about the application

Benefits at a glance

  • Fastest confocal sensor
  • In-line
  • High precision
  • Independent of surface characteristics
  • Easy integration
  • High numerical aperture

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