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µsoft metrology

Fast and traceable 3D measurement results

Once the sample is positioned under the objective, μsoft metrology, the measurement and control software, leads the user in intuitive steps from switching on the system to the representation of optimal, norm conforming 3D measurement results. A clear interface and the structured user menu of µsoft metrology guide the user efficiently through the entire measuring process.

With μsoft metrology, all sensors and an overview camera can be conveniently controlled from a single user interface. When switching between the sensors or the overview camera, the measurement head automatically moves to the defined measurement position. Powerful 3D displays of measurement results with intensity overlays are available after just a few seconds. The software is available in numerous languages.

Norm-compliant measurements

µsoft metrology fulfills the highest requirements of traceability of measurement results by using the internationally standardized X3P-format. It allows for a normed storage of 3D point data together with a meta-data record. The measurement data delivered are, furthermore, conforming to norms ISO 11652, ISO 4287, ISO 5436-1 und ISO 5436-2.

The software delivers a realistic 3D-representation of measurement results with intensity overlay. In comparison to conventional microscopic technologies, the user profits from a highly accurate, in-depth microscopic pictures due to the confocal technology. Users are also able to recall previously saved measurement recipes for recurring measurements. Adjusted exactly to the hardware and optimized for Windows 7, µsoft metrology enables a precise and reliable control of the measuring system.

Close cooperation with long-term users of NanoFocus software solutions confirmed that the new software fulfills all daily as well as specific requirements of customers.  The result is a software that maximizes ease and safety of use and guides the user even more quickly to a measurement result.

Navigator function

With the navigator function, a rapid overview can be created in which the desired measurement range can easily be selected with the mouse.

Template function

With the template function, measurement parameters can be stored as a template. Semi-automated measurement series can be implemented easily with this feature.

Snapshot technology with µsurf-measuring systems

When using a µsurf-measuring system, the measurement process can be started immediately hanks to the snapshot technology. μsoft metrology automatically controls all settings such as the focus area and brightness. At the same navigator function time, the software always allows individual setting of the user.

Benefits at a glance

  • Measurements with just a few klicks
  • Conform to ISO 11652, ISO 4287, ISO 4288, ISO 5436-1 and ISO 5436-2
  • Clear interface with large live-screen
  • Plastic 3D images with intensity overlay
  • Microscopic image with high depth of focus
  • Optimized for Windows 7

Norm compliance

Find out more about the norm compliance of our software products.

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