µsoft automation

Automate measurement processes

The software µsoft automation forms the basis for automating individual measurement and evaluation procedures. With μsoft automation, it’s easy to automate custom measurements and special analyses.

Customizable measurement recipes

An unlimited number of measurement recipes can be defined and stored in a database. The measurement parameters defined are stored in the measurement template and are available for later use.

An unlimited number of measurement positions can be defined on each individual sample. Custom sensor settings can be specified for each of these measurement positions. For series measurements, several samples
are moved to and measured just as with single measurements. In this case, all the samples can be measured identically in accordance with the defined measurement settings, or the settings can be individually activated
or deactivated for each sample.

Database as interface

μsoft automation has a powerful reporting library. Measurement results and reports are permanently stored and are therefore available for statistical process control. The central, network-capable database and the recipes stored there can be accessed from multiple systems.

Industrial strength

With support for wafer map imports, registration mark detection, TCP/IP interfaces, and transmission of measured data to statistical software (such as QS-Stat), the software meets current industrial standards. Simultaneous data collection and reporting on two different computers is supported.

A strict separation between operator and administrator modes guarantees the greatest possible ease of use and reliable results. Integration of μscan sensors into fully automated test systems is among other things possible using I/O interfaces.


Measurement receipts can also be carried out by multiple sensors. Here, a defined automatic change between sensors can be defined.

Benefits at a glance

  • Time-efficient working with series measurements
  • User/operator level with password protection
  • Measurement recipes for measurement and evaluation
  • Various sensor settings and evaluations in a single measurement recipe
  • SQL database
  • Template creation with joystick support or ASCII/CSV import

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