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µsoft analysis

Extensive surface analyses with protocol generator

µsoft analysis is an extensive surface analysis program, which has been a worldwide standard in 2D/3D surface analysis. µsoft analysis contains the latest industry standard parameters and filter functions. These are brought up-to-date with each software update.

A major advantage of the software is the option of processing measurement data taking non-measured points into consideration. Roughness evaluations can therefore be performed at points of discontinuity, for example.

Comprehensive 2D, 3D and 4D surface analysis

μsoft analysis contains a full set of 2D, 3D and 4D analytical studies including:

  • Roughness & waviness
  • Bearing ratio, functional volume (friction and lubrication)
  • Straightness, flatness, coplanarity
  • Surface differences, wear
  • Motifs (texture cell) analysis
  • Grains, particles, islands , bumps, holes
  • Surface geometry including step heights
  • Geometric dimensioning of vertical (x,z) and horizontal (x,y) profiles and form deviation analysis
  • Fourier analysis of process-surface interactions
  • Isotropy, directionality, periodicity
  • Fractals
  • Surface evolution with respect to time or another fourth physical dimension

High functionality for individual surface evaluations

With its layout function, µsoft analysis organizes your measurements in a multi-page document. This may contain 3D images, measurement curves and tabulated results. Your own illustrations (images, logo, comments, etc.) can also be inserted. The protocol can also serve as a template for the surface analysis of serial measurements. All surface analysis procedures and representations are then automatically transferred to the new measurement. The template can be password protected against unwanted modifications by the manufacturing staff.


µsoft analysis is offered in the following configuration levels: Standard, Extended and Premium. With all of the three versions, you have a powerful, stable software for your daily laboratory work at your disposal.

Currently, µsoft analysis is available in the following language versions: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive analysis functions
  • Layout function for protocols
  • Template function
  • 2D/3D analysis to current industry standards
  • Traceable editing steps
  • Available in 10 languages

Norm compliance

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