µscan select

The μscan select is a modular 2D and 3D profilometer system. Its sensors, measuring tables and software can be individually customized. more

µscan select+

The μscan select+ distinguishes itself with outstandingly fast and three-dimensional large area scanning - with highest dynamics and measurement precision. more

µscan sensor

The confocal point sensors, chromatic and holographic sensors, and autofocus sensors are prepared for integration in your production machine. more

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NanoFocus attends numerous trade shows and congresses in Germany and around the world. Visit us and gain a first-hand impression of the efficiency and performance of our optical 3D measurement systems. Using our online trade show ticket service you can request free tickets to many trade shows in Germany.

If you require more information about our trade show attendances and other events, please contact Barbara Rutkowski at +49 (0)208 62 000-85 or rutkowski(at) nanofocus.de.

We look forward to meeting you!