Press Release

NanoFocus AG: exclusive partnership with Mahr GmbH

NanoFocus AG and Mahr
GmbH will be working together on an exclusive basis on the production and
global distribution of standardised 3D surface measurement systems. The
partnership agreement to this effect was approved today by the NanoFocus
Supervisory Board. As a result, the two partners will combine leading
technology with global distribution capabilities.

Thanks to the partnership, NanoFocus will obtain a global distribution and
service network for standardised systems. This means that the company's
own distribution resources can be used in a more productive manner to take
advantage of market opportunities that arise. This applies to specialised and
application-specific 3D surface measurement systems for a wide range of
areas, such as semiconductor, power train as well as OEM business.

The agreement specifies that NanoFocus will supply its standard/laboratory
3D surface measurement systems exclusively to Mahr from now on. Mahr will
be responsible for the global distribution of the products. The Mahr Group has
around 2,000 employees and is one of the world's leading full-service
providers in the field of production measurement technology – from hand-held
callipers to highly automated measurement systems. As a result of the
partnership, Mahr will now offer both classic tactile high-end measurement
systems and extremely precise optical measurement technology from a single
source. The new "MarSurf CM" product range will include five confocal
measurement microscopes. The measurement stations are used by
manufacturers in the medical technology sector, the automotive industry, the
solar and steel industry, forensics and materials management, as well as by
providers of electrical engineering and semiconductors, among others.

NanoFocus will be the exclusive provider for Mahr in this area. Mahr has held
a stake of over 20% in NanoFocus since mid-2017.

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