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3D surface measurement technology for efficient engines popular in USA

NanoFocus AG successfully completes participation at the SAE 2014 World Congress and strengthens presence in American automotive industry

Participation at the SAE World Congress from 4/8-10/2014 in Detroit ended with highly positive resonance for NanoFocus AG, developer and manufacturer of optical 3D surface measurement technology. The event organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers is the largest and most important trade exhibition for automobile developers worldwide. Energy efficiency and innovative manufacturing processes are global topics in the automobile industry. The high number of attendees at the NanoFocus booth illustrates the significant role that process-oriented surface measurement technology plays in this regard.

When developing low-emission engines, using optimized nano- and micro-structured functional surfaces, it has been proven that the friction and, therefore, the resulting fuel consumption can be significantly reduced. To optimize surfaces with regards to durability and friction reduction, the optical 3D measurement systems from NanoFocus, which are precise to the nanometer, deliver the relevant parameters. One of the focal points is the evaluation of the cylinder bore surface in the tribological system between the bore surface, piston and piston ring.

The attending specialists therefore showed great interest in the measurement system µsurf cylinder, the specialized branch solution from NanoFocus for the non-destructive 3D inspection of surfaces of cylinder walls. "Our tried and tested branch solution µsurf cylinder is used by premium automobile manufacturers worldwide," explains Dr. Chris Wichern, Managing Director of NanoFocus, Inc. "By using the NanoFocus measurement technology, the engine quality is demonstrably improved, efficiency increased and manufacturing processes are continuously optimized." µsurf cylinder was developed in cooperation with key users in the automobile industry and has been continuously optimized since it was introduced to the market in 2006.

In addition, NanoFocus offers reliable measuring processes for a variety of other automotive applications. These range from coating appearance measurements, connecting rod inspections and gearbox seal checks to vehicle electronics. NanoFocus also has developed measuring solutions in the area of new drives such as fuel cells and battery technology. 

The NanoFocus μsurf cylinder is an optical
3D surface measuring system for high-resolution,
non-destructive measurement of engine cylinder walls.

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