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Improving the efficiency of large bore engines

M. Jürgensen GmbH uses NanoFocus measurement system µsurf mobile for the optimization of cylinder liner surfaces

M. Jürgensen GmbH & Co KG is a globally leading manufacturer of cylinder liners for medium speed four-stroke engines. For the optimization of material properties and processing methods M. Jürgensen uses the optical confocal 3D surface measurement system µsurf mobile from NanoFocus. The system combines the advantages of highest measurement precision and flexible use for various types of surfaces and samples.

Roughly 90 percent of the components produced by M. Jürgensen are cylinder liners that are integrated into stationary power plants, propulsion equipment of shipping vessels or generators. All parts are produced according to customer specifications. The aims during production and processing range from diminishing friction, reducing fuel and lubricant consumption to minimizing wear.

The evaluation of the cylinder liner surfaces, being the main friction area in the tribological system of liner, piston and piston ring, is of particular importance. Texture and structuring of the cylinder bore surface as well as the material properties are in the focus of the analysis. The measurement results provide crucial criteria according to which product development can be optimized and production processes can be adapted.

„When choosing a suitable measurement system we quickly opted for the confocal system µsurf mobile from NanoFocus. The high diversity of our product portfolio necessitates a system that is portable while at the same time being highly precise and flexible”, explains Simon Brauns, Senior Manager Business Development at M. Jürgensen.

µsurf mobile is mainly used at M. Jürgensen in three areas: for the evaluation of newly developed surface structures such as coatings, spiral honing or superfine honing. The system is also used in the statistical process control of new processing methods that are integrated into production. Additionally, components from tribometer and engine tests are measured for the purpose of failure analysis and wear analysis.

The cylindrical components range from a height of 150mm with Ø200mm to a height of 1800mm and Ø640mm. The weight varies from 5kg to 1.5 tons. The NanoFocus measurement system is primarily used for analyzing machined gray cast iron but also for cylinder bores that are gas-nitrided, induction hardened, nickel plated or plasma/PTWA coated. Thanks to the portability of the system, it can also be used on location at the customers’ premises.
Apart from the precision of the measurements the NanoFocus evaluation software µsoft analysis is an important tool that offers various opportunities for generating measurement reports.

Cylinder liners for large bore engines are produced in series at
M. Jürgensen. 3D surface analyses provide relevant parameters
for product development and process control.

The optical 3D measurement system µsurf mobile produces
measurement results with nanometer precision. Thanks to
its compact design it is suitable for a wide range of samples.

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