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SUSS MicroOptics uses NanoFocus 3D surface measurement technology

Fully automated wafer mapping of micro lens arrays

Dr. Reinhard Völkel, CEO of SUSS MicroOptics SA, uses NanoFocus measurement technology for quality assurance and production control.

SUSS MicroOptics develops and produces high quality micro optics with wafer-based manufacturing technologies. SUSS MicroOptics relies on the advantages of the optical 3D surface measurement technology of NanoFocus. With their high precision and possibility for automated measurement processes the systems are used for optimizing development and production procedures.

At SUSS MicroOptics thousands and millions of micro lenses are produced on fused silica or silicon wafer substrates in wafer-scale fabrication. SUSS MicroOptics uses the confocal 3D measurement technology of NanoFocus for fast, precise and non-destructive inspection of micro lens arrays at different points during the production process.

“The main benefits of the NanoFocus technology are the possibility of entire wafer mappings and automatable measurement processes“, says Dr. Reinhard Völkel, CEO of SUSS MicroOptics. “This is not equally well feasible with other measurement technologies.“ The mapping ability makes highly dense measurement grids available. This results in the identification and detection of defected micro lenses out of thousands of lenses on the whole wafer. The NanoFocus software also enables wafermap imports and using reference data from a data bank.

The form precision of the lens profile, defined by the radius of curvature and the conic constant, a highly precise positioning of the lenses on each array as well as the dimensional accuracy of the wafers are decisive factors during production. They define the optical properties and consequently the performance of the micro lens arrays. On the basis of the measurement data SUSS MicroOptics determines and optimizes production parameters. This in turn guarantees the highest quality of the produced micro lens arrays.

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