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NanoFocus AG exhibits at MedTec Europe

3D confocal microscope µsurf custom is nominated for MedTec Award

NanoFocus AG, developer and manufacturer of optical 3D surface measurement systems and software for the characterization of technical surfaces, presents its nanometer accurate inspection solutions for medical technology at MedTec Europe (Hall 4 / Booth 556). NanoFocus’ confocal microscope µsurf custom is nominated for this year’s MedTec Award. The international trade show serves the complete value chain of medical device production and takes place from 13 to 15 March in Stuttgart/Germany.In medical technology, surface quality is a decisive factor for therapeutic effectiveness and, consequently, for commercial success of a product. With the help of optical 3D metrology, precise surface characteristics can be determined quickly and non-destructively. These allow for the development of efficient production methods and improved products. Thanks to fast measurement speeds, defective production can be detected quickly and exact parameters for serial production can be determined. NanoFocus offers various solutions for the wide spectrum of measuring tasks in medical technology. The flexible confocal microscope µsurf custom of the µsurf-product line is nominated for this year’s MedTec-Award. It is ideally suited to determine roughness parameters conform to DIN EN ISO, micro geometry or layer thickness of samples with different material properties. The non-contact measuring method produces rich-in-depth images in the sub-micrometer level and measurements with high repeat accuracy of, for example, dental inlays, orthopedic prostheses and implants. Continuous measurements during the production process enable manufacturers to remain within precisely defined roughness tolerances.  Besides the µsurf-product line, the µscan-3D scanning profilometers and the µsprint-3D inline sensors of NanoFocus are ideal tools for the inspection of technical surfaces in medical technology. μscan 3D scanning profilometers capture relatively large surfaces because of their ability to scan quickly and offer high resolution data.  NanoFocus’ µsprint technology is employed by leading stent manufacturers for quality assurance and production control. Since confocal technologies are inherently not influenced by reflections, the inside and the outside of a stent can easily be measured simultaneously by µsprint sensors. Structural defects, cracks, and the profile geometry, can be determined in the nanometer range.


The high-performance 3D confocal microscope µsurf custom
by NanoFocus is nominated for this year’s MedTec Award.

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