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Fast 3D Microscopy for industrial Research

NanoFocus introduces Laboratory System µsurf basic

The metrology equipment manufacturer NanoFocus AG, located in Oberhausen, Germany, extends its product portfolio by the µsurf basic 3D microscope for industrial laboratories. Easy sample positioning, fast 3D data acquisition, and automated documentation of measurement results are characterizing the new development. The µsurf basic was introduced at the international trade fair for quality assurance, Control 2010, where it was received with great interest by the expert audience.

µsurf basic is a flexible confocal 3D microscope, optimized to measure samples with different requirements easily and quickly. Polymers, ceramics, metals or composite materials – almost all surfaces can be transferred into precise measurement data. Even transparent or highly reflective surfaces can be inspected with the µsurf basic. That´s why the system is ideal for users with a wide range of different measurement tasks, such as universities and other industry-oriented research facilities, as well as quality assurance or research and development laboratories in industry.

The µsurf basic does not only provide a microscopy image of the surface. The system offers various additional functions for documentation, of surface defects for example, as well as the exposure of the surface structure as a 3D real color image. Roughness measurements conform to DIN EN ISO standards, analyses of 3D structures, layer thickness and geometry measurements are feasible beyond the sub-micrometer level.

The concept is based on an easy and intuitive usage of hardware and software. The integrated turreted optics allows a fast localization of the areas of interest on a sample and, if required, a quick change to a different magnification to view the same spot at higher resolutions. Depending on the magnification, the objectives offer measurement fields between 1.6x1.6 mm2 and 320x320 µm2.

“µsurf basic is the logical evolution of the µsurf product line“, explains Jürgen Valentin, CTO of NanoFocus AG. “Now we can cover the whole manufacturing process with this technology – beginning with the first development steps in laboratory over quality assurance to production control.“

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