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NanoFocus receives additional lucrative orders from the automotive sector

NanoFocus AG, based in Oberhausen (Germany) and specialising in measuring equipment for the micrometre and nanometre ranges, has once again proven its expertise in the field of 3D surface inspection with a lucrative order in the automotive sector. Top-end car manufacturers have been using NanoFocus’s µsurf cylinder technology since 2006 for the quality assurance of engine components, and now another renowned car maker has given the nod to the NanoFocus measuring system. The order, with a value of more than EUR 200,000, underlines the international acceptance that NanoFocus has already achieved with this outstanding industry-specific solution.

Globally rising energy needs, leading to increasing consumption of raw materials, are focussing attention on the efficiency of internal combustion engines. A significant amount of energy is lost in internal combustion engines due to friction on cylinder walls, pistons and connecting rods. NanoFocus has performed pioneering work in developing ways to improve the power efficiency of internal combustion engines for many years. With its µsurf cylinder measuring system, developed specifically for this innovative application area, NanoFocus provides engine manufacturers with a measuring and analysis system for production monitoring and quality assurance that provides reliable quantitative surface analysis data in daily use. In this way, NanoFocus’s 3D technology supports the automotive industry in the development of engines with ever-increasing power efficiency and lower emissions of harmful substances.

The new order from another large German automotive group makes a further contribution to establishing the NanoFocus technology as a global industry solution for the automotive industry. “The fact that numerous renowned customers already place their trust in the µsurf cylinder measuring system provides a good indication of the large future potential of this specialised measuring product. We expect it to develop into a durable business with further growth, especially because this technology can be used in development, production preparation, and actual production monitoring”, is how Dr Hans Herman Schreier, Chairman of the Board of NanoFocus AG, assesses the market potential of the cylinder inspection system. NanoFocus expects to see the first use of the µsurf cylinder system in series production as early as 2009. Additional international orders from the automotive sector, as well as related industries such as shipbuilding, have already been taken.

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