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Surface topography measurement


Quality assurance of functional surfaces

Engineering surfaces with special textures and specific functionality is becoming common practice for adding value to manu­factured goods. Structures in the micro and nano dimension make the difference. With the NanoFocus optical surface metrology solutions, you can analyze the quality of these surface structures with high precision, in the laboratory and production environment as well. The confocal measurement systems acquire topography, roughness, particles and volume, independent of material and surface characteristics such as reflection and color.

NanoFocus measurement systems conduct topography measurements according to international standards, and a 99 % correlation makes the data comparable to tactile measurements. This is shown for example by an extended comparison study of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA.

With NanoFocus 3D surface metrology, reliable key figures to quantify the surface topography are available within seconds and without any sample preparation. Scrap-rates and production errors can be minimized. The whole production process – from the raw material to the finished product – can be controlled and optimized with the NanoFocus non-contact measurement systems.

Topography measurement in R&D

To determine the feasibility of new products and processes industry standard yardsticks must be applied during the development process. In order to increase engine lifetime, efficiency and power while at the same time reducing emissions, researchers are employing novel surface treatments in automotive cylinders. NanoFocus 3D measurement systems are the ideal tool for R&D offering industry standard analyses while maintaining flexibility for research. Free volume for lubricant entrapment and transport as well as bearing area can be easily quantified to assist you in determining which surface treatments bring the greatest advantage.

Topography measurement in production control

Sheet steel and aluminum for the automotive industry are are manufactured with special finishing rolls that impart a textured surface. This surface ensures proper formability behaviour and improves paintability. The portable NanoFocus μsurf mobile systems can be used on the shop floor to regularly monitor roll surface condition and ensure that proper surface finish is imparted. Furthermore, the non-contact measurement system can be applied to any of the following steps of the manufacturing process, such as measuring the surface characteristics of the finished sheet and the single coating layers.




Topography measurement in quality control

The surface quality of a product is strongly dependent upon the tooling used to produce it. Changes in cutting edge geometry through wear or material build-up cause defects. NanoFocus non-contact measurement systems can be used to optimize tooling exchange schedules, reducing excess material usage, increasing quality, and decreasing cost.

Benefits at a glance

  • ISO 25178
  • Functional Parameters
  • Spatial Parameters
  • Hybrid Parameters
  • Feature Parameters
  • Wear Analysis
  • FFT Analysis
  • Fractal Analysis

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