Measurement tasks 3D surface metrology

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Measurement of microgeomtry in R&D

Nonius or vernier disks are used in angle and lenght measuring devices to ensure high precision measurements. Thereby, the geometry of their structures is the deciding factor when it comes to accuracy. To control and optimize the manufacturing process, the microgemetry of nonius disks is measured precisely with the µscan custom.

Measurement of microgeometry in quality control

Distance, width and height of printed circuit boards have to be precisely met to prevent malfunctions of the component. The non-contact µsurf technology enables an Areal inspection of the printed circuit board. The µsprint technology even allows microgeometries directly in-line. Critical spots can be inspected automated without any impact on the surface to avoid manufacturing defects.

Measurement of microgeometry in process control

Diameter and depth of microvias decide about the proper functionality of multilayer printed circuit boards. The µsurf technology is applied by many customers to check these microgeometrical parameters. The high-precision 3D microscopes even allow the inspection of small vias under 100 µm with a 1:1 ratio of diameter and depth. Because the non-contact technology can be employed early in the production process, waste and follow-up costs can be avoided.

Benefits at a glance

  • Diverse geometrical analyses
  • Width, height
  • Area, volume
  • Angles
  • Grain size analysis
  • Motif analysis
  • Surface binarization

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