Automotive industry

From cylinder bores to car body sheets and fuel injection systems - NanoFocus measurement systems guarantee the quality of important components. Read more

Electronics and semi-conductors

NanoFocus accompanies the trend towards miniaturization with reliable 3D analyses for error-free products. Read more

Materials science

3D surface measurement in materials science

For the optimization of functional properties of new surfaces and products NanoFocus offers optical 3D measurement systems for all materials. Read more

Safety engineering

3D measurement systems for safety engineering

Tools used by the criminal leave traces that can be criminologically analyzed like fingerprints. With NanoFocus measurement technology these traces become visibile and evaluable. Read more

Fuel cell technology

Funtional surfaces of fuel cells can be analyzed non-destructively at all stages of the production process with NanoFocus solutions. Read more

Medical technology

3D surface metrology for medical applications

Hightech components like implants can be analyzed for bio-compatability, longevity and accuracy with NanoFocus inspection tools. Read more


Precise surface analysis provides relevant information for the restoration of pieces of art and authenitcation tests of precious objects. Read more

Solar technology

3D surface measurement solutions for solar applications

Due to the demand for ever more efficient and better quality solar cells, continuous process control and quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. Read more

Paper and print industry

From printing rolls to glossy magazines, NanoFocus solutions increase quality and production efficiency with topography and roughness measurements. Read more

Mechanical engineering

From tool making to motor development - NanoFocus’ contactless measurement technology is used for analyzing wear or material characteristics. Read more

Microsystems technology

3D surface measurement in microsystems technology

In the production of miniaturized electromechanical and optical components, the rate of defective work depends on the dimensional conformity of the complex surface geometries. Read more

Tool manufacture

Measuring wear, cutting edges, tribology

In tool manufacture NanoFocus measurement systems control cutting edges, wear characteristics or material properties. Read more

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