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Engine cylinder walls

Fast and non-destructive 3D measurement of the cylinder bore

Due to energy-efficient engines and intelligent controls, a significant reduction of the fuel consumption can be achieved. The functional difference of structured surfaces regarding tribology and wear result in their three-dimensional micro-structure. Surfaces in motor production are either finished with the typical cross-hatching, or show deep cavities or particle-like increments in magnification. To achieve meaningful and procedural usable information about the surface´s micro-structure, areal 3D surface measurements are an absolute requirement. In practice, these can only be taken optically. The necessary height resolution of the measurement system, as a consequence of the high degree of structure fineness, needs to be in the nanometer range.

Measurement system:

Specialized measurement system µsurf cylinder with angled optics

Especially for the non-destructive measurement of the cylinder bore, NanoFocus developed the µsurf cylinder based on the industry-approved µsurf technology. A specially adapted angled optics and mechanics allow to move the confocal microscope for 3D measurements to any position inside the cylinder. Developed and continuously optimized in close co-operation with renowned German car manufacturers such as BMW and VW, the worlwide established µsurf cylinder sets quality standards regarding measuring system analyse and measurement uncertanty. With a higher speed than any other technique, the partially automated confocal measurement system delivers reproduceable 3D data with Nanometer accuracy. For a visual, holohedral inspection of the cylinder running surface, a line scanner can be added to the system.

Measurement and analysis:

Comprehensive 2D and 3D analysis of surface parameters

The evaluation of cylinder running surface measurements can be performed according to the conventional ISO 4287 standards as well as according to the new ISO 25178 standards. The new 3D parameters allow the comprehensive description of of functional and tribilogical surface characteristics such as wear, bearing ratio or volume and others. These include angle and depth of hining structures, depth ,or size and spreading of particles. Additional to the quantitative analysis, the 3D display of measurement results offers the possibility to visually inspect the cylinder running surface for inconstancies and defects such as cracks, disruptions, inhomogentities as well as stress marks.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optical non-contact measurements
  • Non-destructive due to an angled optical insertion system
  • Easy to handle
  • Nanometer accuracy
  • Robust Technology
  • High degree of automation

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