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Dental implants

Measurement of roughness, micro-geometry and layer thickness with just one measurement system

The surface characteristics of dental implants play a key role regarding the osseointegration process. The implants nedd especially a specific surface roughness to be incorporated fast, permanently and without complications into the jaw tissue. Therefore, different procedures are applied to roughen the dental implant´s surface. In some cases, bioactive coatings are applied additionally to improve the healing process. Only the consecutive measurement of the 3D surface roughness during the production process guarantees that the set roughness Parameters are reliably met. In addition, the technology used has to be a non-contact measuring method.

Measurement system:

Fast roughness measurements according to ISO standards

A non-contact method such as the NanoFocus µsurf technology is ideal for the determination of roughness according to ISO Standards, micro-geometry and layer thickness. With the confocal measurement system µsurf custom, the quality assurance of dental implants can be significantly improved, because all measurement tasks can be performed with just one system. A specialized table that holds multiple dental implants allows an easy and stable fixing of the measurement samples. The high precision piezo and intelligent Analysis algorithms even enable roughness measurements in the nanometer range. Extremely rough surfaces can be measured and evaluated without any problems as well.



Measurement and analysis:

Fast and automated measurement of dental implants in the production process

The µsurf confocal measurement systems are suited optimally for roughness measurements according to ISO standards, surface geometry measurements and the determination of bearing Ratio. The reliable µsurf technology also delivers precise and repeatable results on steep slopes such as on the thread of a dental implant. A 3D measurement of an implant only takes 5 to 10 seconds. The determined standardized and reproducible area roughness parameters offer a solid base for the reliable control of the quality-critical process. Due to the in-depth resolution of the confocal evaluation, the µsurf technology does not only allow the three-dimensional measuring of the outer skin but also the measuring of transparent layers such as bio-coatings to determine layer thickness.

The µsoft analysis surface evaluation software offers a variety of different possiblities for the analysis and documentation of the measurement data. Individual, template-based measurement reports can be created easy and fast. In combination with the µsoft automation software, the different types of dental implants are stored as measurement recipes and

Benefits at a glance

  • Measurement of roughness, form and layer thickness
  • Roughness measurements according to ISO standards
  • Non-destructive production quality control
  • High optical resolution
  • Repeatable, fast measurement
  • Established production control solution

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