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Bump Inspection

Fast and precise optical inspection of interconnects

Moore’s law does not stop at ball grid arrays (BGA) and pin grid arrays (PGA). The miniaturization of electronic components holds many advantages, such as reduced electricity or material consumption. On the other hand, it represents a challenge in production processes and for quality assurance.

Applied measurement system:

Controlling production processes and assuring quality

The NanoFocus μsprint hp-hsi can be used in the laboratory and in production control for the inspection of so-called micro bumps with very low pitches. Due to its high resolution and dynamics, height and diameter, co-planarity, and various other parameters can be measured within seconds, on wafers as well as on ceramics or plastic panels. The 3D inspection system allows measurements after the printing of the solder paste, after the reflow process, as well as after the coining. Additionally, the inspection of electro-plated bumps, so-called copper pillars, is possible.

Not only round bumps can be determined, the µsprint technology reliably measures rectangular pads or indentations.

Avoiding shadowing effects is another advantage of the confocal measurement principle in comparison to competing methods like laser triangulation or strip triangulation. High pillars with low pitch can be analyzed three-dimensionally with a simultaneous high aspect ratio.

Measurement and analysis:

Fully automated wafer handling, measurement and analysis

The μsprint software, programmed according to SEMI standards, is equipped with special algorithms to determine bump positions, height and diameter even during data acquisition. The measured bumps are shown as good or reject parts in the die-grid. The areal analysis delivers very stable measurement results.

Recipe generation is possible with the measurement system online as well as offline. Recipes are adaptable to individual measurement tasks in only a few minutes. Automated wafer handling, reading of identification information, and measurement data transfer to statistics servers are standard features. The automatic alignment, the precision of the axes and the high resolution of the μsprint sensor lead to bump measurements with repeatability and accuracy in the nanometer range – all while maintaining highest measurement speed.

Exemplary measurements:

From soldering ball to contact bump

µbump BGA (after solder paste)

Due to its high sensitivity to light and due to the confocal principle, µsprint sensor enables the measurement of solder paste right after printing and, therefore, before the reflow process. This enables detecting incorrect printing right at the beginning of the bumping process.

Products: µsprint hp-hsi, µsprint topographer, µsoft analysis

µbump BGA (after reflow process)

The µsprint sensor allows the inspection of the bump cone with the ideal combination of resolution and measurement Speed to ensure a repeatable data acquisition.

Products: µsprint hp-hsi, µsprint topographer, µsoft analysis

µBump BGA (after coining)

Due to the high vertical resolution, the µsprint technology allows you to detect bump heights up to a few micometers relialbly and repeatable. With ist high dynamic, the sensor also determines  the bump Diameter with sub-pixel accuracy.

Products: µsprint hp-hsi, µsprint topographer, µsoft analysis

Cu-Pillars (Chip-on-Chip)

The confocal measurement principle also allows to acquire high pillars with a very low pitch and high aspect-ratio three-dimensionallly.

Products: µsprint hp-hsi, µsprint topographer, µsoft analysis

Benefits at a glance

  • High Resolution combined with high speed
  • Software according to SEMI Standard
  • Fast and easy creation of measurement recipes
  • Deployable on various substrate types
  • Measurement of ball diameters up to 50 µm
  • Measurements of vall pitch up to 100 µm
  • Clean room compatible

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