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Portable 3D measurement technology for appearance measurements

To assure quality especially in the automotive industry, surfaces of coated and uncoated metal sheets are inspected for structure and waviness to ensure optimal appearance. The Goal is to achieve a sharp and high-contrast mirroring of objects on the surface, and to avoid so called Peel and Wet Look effects. Standardized waviness parameters allow objective statements about the quality of the appearance. The lower the waviness, the higher is the brilliance and so the quality of the surface.



Measurement system:

µsurf mobile ensures perfect surfaces

For the specific requirements of appearance measurements, NanoFocus offers the portable surface measurement system µsurf mobile. The only 4,5 kg lightweight allows in combination with a compact, mobile workstation to measure ergonomically any given part of the car body.

The industry-approved μsurf confocal technology is especially suited for this measurement task, because it allows the non-destructive measurement along the whole process chain. If it is a texturing roll, the raw material, the single layers of the coating or uncoated sheets –  the NanoFocus µsurf mobile can be applied to any step of production directly in the production environment. 




Measurement and analysis:

Fast surface tracking with high frame rate

The measurement example shows the stichting of a coated surface as well as a profile of this area. To measure waviness, the µsurf mobile acquires the surface topography along a measurement distance of about 43 mm in a few minutes automatically. More than 200 profile sections are taken at once and afterwards automatically analyzed and recorded. The calculated amplitudes of the seperate wavelength ranges allow to objectively qualify the surface appearance. Thereby, the NanoFocus µsurf technology delivers reliable measurement results independent of surface color and reflectivity, even on metallic coatings.

Benefits at a glance

  • Robust and reliable measurement system
  • Portable and non-destructive measurements
  • Waviness parameters LW, SW as well as Wa, Wb, Wc, Wd and We
  • High optical resolution
  • Fast, industry-approved measurement solution

Automotive industry

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